At DS&G, we recommend lubricating your Accordion shutters twice a year if your home is by the ocean or at least once a year in all other residential areas, to ensure that your shutters remain in top working condition and ready for storm season.

By lubricating the tracks, wheels, locking rods and thumbscrews you can prevent excessive corrosion and extend the lifespan of your shutters. Without this service, the locking rods and thumbscrews can seize up causing your shutters not to operate or close when you need them the most.

Proper maintenance and lubrication services provides you the peace of mind that your Accordion shutters will operate properly before, during and after a storm. This service is available upon request, or it can be scheduled on a semi-annual or annual basis.

Technician Eisman came out to my 2 story house in Eagle Trace
he performed maintenance lubrication on both levels expertly and did not find any repairs that were not needed. I felt the service was done on time as promised, and done honestly and with care.”
Morris F.


We repair all makes and models of Accordion and Rolldown shutters.
Just give us a call to schedule an assessment with one of our technicians.

I needed some repairs on my hurricane shutters that were installed years ago. Called several companies that were either out of business or don’t do repairs. Ken was prompt and very efficient.”
Richard S. Delray Beach

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